Before moving in

  • How quickly can I move in?

    That depends what kind of studios we have available at the moment - if the studio you like is available, then you can move in as soon as tomorrow. But for some studios we have a waiting list. Ask for more information from our Accommodation Manager Andreas.

  • How big is the reservation fee if I want to reserve a studio for myself several months ahead?

    We ask a reservation fee only if we can reserve a studio for you more than 1,5 months ahead. The reservation fee is 50% of the deposit, and then you will only need to pay the other half of the deposit when you move in. But if you pay the reservation fee and decide not to move in, then we will not refund this fee.

  • How big is the contract fee?

    For contracts with up to 3 months rental period the contract fee is 49€ and for longer periods it's 99€. We also ask a fee of 49€ when you decide to switch studios within the Newton house.

  • How big is the deposit?

    Normally the deposit is equal to one month's accommodation fee, but if you have a per animal, deposit is double the amount.

  • How much do I need to pay at the point of moving in?

    By the moment of moving in you need to have paid the deposit and the running months rent. If you move in on the 1st of the month, then you pay for the whole month. If you move in on any other day of the month, then you need to pay proportionally from that day till the end of the month.

My studio at Newton

  • What kind of furniture do I have already in the studio?

    All our studios have been furnished considering the needs of our residents as much as possible. You will definitely have a sleeping place, kitchen (incl. an oven) and bathroom furniture, a table, chairs, cupboards and/or shelves. Some studios have a bed and a sofa both. For being moving-in ready at any time, you will even have dishes and fun design elements in the studio. We also offer bed linen, TV, hair dryer and cooking set rental option.

  • Do I have a private bathroom?

    Yes, bathrooms are always private in every studio.

  • Does my kitchenette have an oven also?

    Newton's kitchenette's have an oven, induction stove, a fridge, a pot and pan, and dishes.

  • If there is no washing machine in my studio, then how do I wash my clothes?

    We have washing machines and dryers in a separate laundry room downstairs that you share with neighbors. You only need to take washing liquids with you.

  • Do I have a TV in the studio?

    Newton's studios don't have a TV, but it's possible to rent it from us. To see TV channels, you need to order the TV package from Telia. If you have your own TV, then you can position it on the table or shelves, but unfortunately it's not possible to attach it to the wall.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Well-behaved pets are always welcome at Newton! If you have a per living with your, then just in case we ask for a double-deposit.

  • Don't I have an actual key to my room?

    All the doors at our house have smart locks, which means that there is no physical key to lose. Instead you have a personal door code, which is the only code to open your studio door, and it also opens every necessary door in the house for you. In addition to the code you can also get a door card or chip - just ask our Accommodation Manager. The only physical key you will have is the one for your mailbox.

  • Do I have to share the student apartment with a stranger?

    You can rent our student apartments alone or with someone you know. We don't organize strangers living together in one apartment.

Life at Newton

  • Who are my neighbors?

    Everybody living at Newton are friendly and active young people from Estonia and abroad. Some are still studying at a university, but most are already working in different fields. You may find friends who invite you to a football match, who could give you a modern haircut, solve your IT-issues, build a house or introduce you to the secrets of cyber security. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, the start-up world or wish to learn more about different cultures, then this is the place for you!

  • What does the free basic-WiFi mean?

    The whole Newton' house has a free WiFi-connection with an upload/download speed up to 10/10 per device. You should be able to check your email and scroll through Instagram, but you might want to take a home internet deal from Telia for watching Netflix and making video calls.

  • Can I use the gym for free and during which times?

    Using the gym is always free for Newton residents and it's open 24/7 - you might as well join the 5AM club. Newton's gym is not public, hosting friends and trainers is not allowed.

  • Does the laundry room have detergant ready-to-use?

    The laundry room has washing machines and dryers, but you need to bring detergant yourself.

  • Where can I park my bicycle?

    We have a bicycle house in the backyard with CCTV and smart locks.

  • Can I charge my electric scooter somewhere?

    There is a charging place for electric scooters in the bicycle house that gets it's energy from a solar station on the roof of it. Go green!

  • What does it mean that the house has a smart lock system?

    With the smart lock system you don't need a physical key for any door. Every resident has their own personal door code, which is the only one to open one's studio door. The same code also opens doors to the common areas and entrance doors. The only physical key you will have is for the mailbox.

  • Does the house have CCTV/video surveillance?

    All common areas are covered with surveillance cameras 24/7. There are also cameras on every side of the building, waste house, bicycle house and the parking lot.

  • How can I receive postal packages?

    Every studio has it's own mailbox for letters and small packages. For a bit bigger packages we have a courier cabined, where the courier can leave your package waiting. If you are receiving a larger package, then please go pick it up from the courier downstairs or the postal office.

  • Are the events at Newton for free?

    Most events organized by the Nestin team are voluntary and for free. It is just a nice opportunity to get to know your neighbors and have a good time together.

Contract and billing

  • How long can I stay at Newton!

    You can stay with us for a few weeks or even years. Ask for more information from our accommodation manager.

  • Can I register my residence at Newton's address?

    You can register your residence at the Newton building (Kadaka tee 78d, Tallinn) with an active accommodation contract as proof. Simply turn to the local city administration.

  • What are the terms for terminating the contract?

    You can terminate your contract at any time with 30-days notice to us at newton@nestin.ee. In case of mutual agreement or debt we can terminate the contract earlier.

  • What is the difference between a lease and an accommodation contract?

    Accommodation services have a VAT rate of 9%, a lease has VAT of 0%. Both contracts have also different terms, for example, debt handling. Please read the terms carefully before signing.

  • Are utility fees fixed and what do they contain?

    Utilities are in two parts at Newton. One part is fixed and covers all maintenance and management costs. The other part changes based on your personal water- and electricity consumption, which we track via long-distance readings.

  • What are the payment deadlines?

    All monthly rent invoices are sent out on the 1st date and have a payment deadline on the 10th date. Additional invoices have a payment period of at least 7 days.

  • How big is the deposit and will I get all of it returned?

    Normally the deposit is equal to one month's rent amount, but if you have a pet, the deposit can be up to double that amount. When you move out and everything is clean & undamaged, we will return the deposit. But if we need to order a cleaning service or something is broken, we will deduct the amount from your deposit.

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